Sunday, August 24, 2008

Incorporaing Greeting Cards into Layouts

I don't know about anyone else, but I save all of the greeting cards I get. I usually have the enevelop, too. (It's useful! Look at yesterday's post.) I have found a great way to incorporate the into my layouts.

I create pockets in my layouts and stick the cards in the pocket. I have thought about sticking part of the card down, but that does not work for me personally. To avoid the card moving around, I created a pocket just big enough for the card. If I am using more than one card they move around at this point. A task I am still perfecting.

How to create these pockets:

Layout one: For our first Valentine's Day I got Keith concert tickets. (I may have to do a post about the gift itself at some point)

The page - I found 2 patterned pages with Music as the theme one pink and one in red. One pink sheet had sheet music on the top and the word music on the bottom. Knowing I wanted to use the "Music" portion of the sheet. I tore the paper to create the ripped edge. I then adhered the sheet music portion to a piece of paper I picked up for pennies at a scrapbooking store. With the red sheet I started a little above half way up the paper and tore the sheet across ending a little below half way down the other side. I glued the edges of the now torn red paper to the pink paper creating a pocket. I also glued the bottom so the cards would not go all the way down. I did the same thing with the music portion, creating another pocket for the concert tickets and other mementos.

Layout two: Another Valentine's Day layout.

These two pages were Love themed. The red sheet had love all over it in white. I simply cut this sheet a little less than in half. I took a red, pink, white and black stripped paper and tore a strip about one inch by twelve inches. Glue this to the red love paper and adhered the sides.

The more fun pocket on this page was for the ticket stubs. I had a picture of the roses Keith gave me. I took some scrap paper, folded it in half and glued it to the picture, sealing the sides. I glued it to the page and stuck our ticket stubs in it. Very cute effect.

1. Know what you are shopping for.
2. Find pages that coordinate
  • they do not have to match
  • if you like two really different patterned patterned pages find a striped page that has both colors in it and use that to tie them together.

3. If you are doing these pockets on a two page spread, make sure you get enough for both pages. I know that one from experience.

I will answer any questions that are posted.

Happy Scrapping~


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cute blog. you should put scans for the visual learners.

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