Thursday, December 4, 2008



Like I stated in my previous post this album has many squares, straight lines and a very minimalistic theme.

While looking at the pictures I had one of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law cooking the turkey and one of my father-in-law and brother-in-law frying the turkey. So naturally it "Battle of the Sexes" became the title of the page.

How To's:
1. The title: Fiscar's Embosser, with alphabet template on scrap of red cardstock and Making Memories dot letters in black. This same technique was used for the embellishment "fried or roasted"
2. Who will win? Guys or Gals, Making Memories dot letters in black and green. (discussed further in challenges)
3. Matting is just basic card stocks that go with the color scheme of the page.
4. Create balance on the page by staggering photos with embellishments and journaling.

I did not have enough black dot letters --I simply used the letters I had and wrote in the rest of the word with a wide chissel tip marker. When you combine stickers and handwritten areas you are really adding your personal touch.


  • Take pictures at different angles. I took the one of my mother and sister-in-law looking up at them. Not always a flattering angle, but work the angle for you. If I never took pictures from an upward angle I would not have gotten that shot.
  • When I cut the pages down to 8 by 8 I had scraps. Iused that scrap to create journaling boxes.
  • Work in pieces. I mat all my pictures and embellishment and journal blocks. I then lay it out on the page before I glue it down. This way I can move things around that didn't look right to create the correct balance.
Happy Scrapping ~

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